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We offer hundreds of glazing options to meet your energy savings, privacy, safety and design requirements.

Glazing Options & Performance

Glass or Insulating Sealed Units are the most important components of the windows. There are hundreds of glazing options and add-ons to increase energy efficiency, privacy and security and to create the distinct designs.

Low-E Glass

Supreme Windows offers both high solar heat gain(HSG) "Solar Plus" and low solar heat gain(LSG) "SolarGuard" Low-E coated glazing option to deliver the best energy and cost savings performance while reducing environmental impact.

LSG: SolarGuard & SolarGuard2

LSGLow Solar Heat Gain(LSG) glazing system with Soft Coat Low-E glass

SolarGuard is a Sealed Unit constructed with SOFT COAT Low-E(Solarban-60) glass, Superspacer and Argon gas. SolarGuard2 reaches the highest R-Value, which means the best insulation.

SolarGuard(DG)Double Glaze
(Surface #2)
SolarGuard(TG)Triple Glaze
(Surface #2)
SolarGuard2(TG)Triple Glaze
(Surface #2 & #4)

HSG: SolarPlus & SolarPlus2

LSGHigh Solar Heat Gain(HSG) glazing system with Hard Coat Low-E glass

SolarPlus is a Sealed Unit constructed with HARD COAT Low-E(Comfort-EPS) glass, Superspacer and Argon gas. SolarPlus utilizes natural solar energy to heat your home that yields better heating cost savings.

SolarPlus(DG)Double Glaze
(Surface #3)
SolarPlus(TG)Triple Glaze
(Surface #5)
SolarPlus2(TG)Triple Glaze
(Surface #2 & #5)


LSGSolar-5 (Double Glaze)
Surface #2(Soft Coat)
& #4(Hard Coat)

Supreme Windows has developed Solar-5 sealed units that achieve an R-Value of 5 using 2 panes of glass for those windows not designed to accommodate Triple Glaze sealed units such as Sliders and Single Hungs.

Solar-5 is a Double Glazed Sealed Unit with 1 pane of soft coat Low-E glass on Surface #2 and 1 pane of hard coat Low-E
glass on surface #4.

Super Spacer: "Warm Edge Technology"

LSGSuper Spacer construction
1. Smooth, matte finish guaranteed against blistering and bubbling.
2. Thermoset silicone foam matrix.
3. Proprietary multi-layer vapor barrier.
4. Structural adhesive combines with perimeter edge sealant for dual seal performance and durability

Supreme Windows manufactures all Sealed Units for Windows and Doors with Super Spacer's Warm Edge Technology.

“Warm Edge” refers to the thermal conductivity of the spacer used to separate the lites of an insulating glass unit. If the spacer material is less conductive than conventional aluminum, it is
called warm edge.

Protect against window condensation

Condensation_Full_MetalFull-Metal Spacer
With conventional Metal Spacer, condensation is a fact of life.

Condensation_Less_MetalLess-Metal Spacer
Mid-Performance spacer systems that still contain metal improve condensation resistance

Condensation_No_MetalLess-Metal Super Spacer
All-foam design dramatically reduces interior condensation, delivering a clear view in Warm Edge technology.

Glazing Performance Data

Glazing Options R-Value
Double Glaze
Clear (CL/CL) 2.08 0.48 81% 68% 58% 0.75
SolarGuard (SB/CL) 4.00 0.25 72% 35% 21% 0.38
SolarPlus (CL/EPS) 3.48 0.29 74% 60% 44% 0.73
Solar-5 (SB/EPS) 5.00 0.20 65% 31% 15% 0.36
Triple Glaze
Clear (CL/CL/CL) 3.23 0.31 74% 58% 48% 0.67
SolarGuard (SB/CL/CL) 5.26 0.19 65% 31% 18% 0.35
SolarGuard2 (SB/CL/SB) 7.69 0.13 58% 24% 7% 0.30
SolarPlus (CL/CL/EPS) 4.83 0.21 68% 52% 36% 0.66
SolarPlus2 (EPS/CL/EPS) 6.49 0.15 62% 45% 27% 0.62

* All values are measured at center of sealed unit with 3mm glass and 1/2" air space.
** All R-Values and U-Values are based on winter condition.


Add one of our pattern glass to add adequate privacy for your bathroom windows or entry doors. You can even combine two panes of pattern glass to create more privacy and distinct appearances.

Pinhead Rain Glue Chip 1/2" Crossreed
Pinhead (60x84) Rain (60x84) ** Glue Chip(60x96) 1/2" Reeded (60x96)
1/2" Crossreed Masterray Aquatex UC-010
1/2" Crossreed (60x96) Clear Arctic (60x96) Aquatex(Cathedral) UC-010 (65x85)
Masterpoint UC-112 UC-113 UC-116
UC-011 (65x85) UC-112 (52x84) UC-113 (52x84) UC-116 (52x84)
UC-119 UC-206 UC-207 UC-209
UC-119 (52x84) UC-206 (48x72) UC-207 (71x100) UC-209 (65x85)
UC-210 UC-211 UC-214 UC-310
UC-210 (63x84) UC-211 (63x84) UC-214 (63x84) UC-310 (30x72)*
UC-311 UC-312 UC-515 Mastercarre
UC-311 (24x72)* UC-312 (24x48) UC-515 (65x85)* UC-701 (65x85)
Masterligne Masterray UC-705 UC-708
UC-702 (80x99) UC-703 (80x99) UC-705 (80x126) UC-708 (72x139)
UC-709 UC-710 Satin Etch
UC-709 (72x132) UC-710 (79x126) Satin Etch (72x96)

! Numbers in ( ) are maximum glass size. *:UC-310 / UC-311 / UC-515 / UC-708 cannot be tempered. **: All pattern designs are reversible except "Rain".


Bathroom WindowThere are not only grills and bulky obscured glass to create the beauty and privacy of your house. We have thousands of decorative glass inserts for both windows and doors to help you create private spaces of beauty without sacrificing the outstanding vinyl windows performance. Please ask our sales representatives for available decorative glass options and take a look at out doorlite collections to inspire some ideas.

Applicable Products:

- Legacy Vinyl Window Series
- Entrance & Garden Door Sidelites & Transoms.



TemperedTempered Glass

Tempered safety glass is mainly used in Door Glass Inserts for safety and security. When a piece of glass gets tempered using a process that heats, then quickly cools, it gets five to 10 times stronger than untempered glass.

Tempered Glass also comes with Low-E option to increase energy efficiency.


DW LAMILaminated Glass [Clear or White]

Laminated Glass is a piece of sandwiched glass with a thin layer of clear flexible plastic film called PVB (polyvinyl butyral). The plastic film holds the glass in place when the glass breaks, helping to lessen injuries from flying glass. The film also can stretch, yet the glass still sticks to it. It is also quite difficult to penetrate laminated safety glass, compared to normal window pane glass.



GPW (Georgian Polished Wire) glass is made of two pieces of glass glued together on each side of polished wire mat.

In-Glass Grills

5/8" Grills

W Grill D Grill P Grill B Grill
White Desertsand Pewter Black

5/16" Grills

SQW Grill SQD Grill SQC Grill SQG Grill SQP Grill SQB Grill
White Desertsand Chrome Gold Pewter Black

SDL (1" & 2"): Simulated Divided Lites

White Desertsand Euro Finish Coating

Grill Designs

Standard Grill Design

  • Squares are evenly spaced based on Frame OSM. "Equal Spaced Grills" option is also available to space squares based on grill dimension.
  • Grill layouts are customizable.
  • "Per Drawing" option is available for custom designed grills.

Standard Grills

Heritage Grill Design

Heritage Heritage>48 Dbl Heritage Dbl Heritage>48
(up to 48")
HER with Support Bar
(over 48")
(up to 48")
DBL HER with Support Bar
(over 48")

SDL ViewSuspended Grill Design

Suspended Grill Suspended Grill>48
5/8" Grill up to 60"
5/16" Grill up to 48"
5/8" Grill over 60"
5/16" Grill over 48"

Curved Grill Designs

Curved GrillCurved Grills