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Installation Knowledge, Experience
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Installation Process

Supreme Windows understands that any renovation project can make homeowners nervous from day one. We put forward our best effort to reduce these worries and make the renovation process as seamless as possible.

1. Free In-Home consultation

Free EstimateSimply make a phone call to 403.279.2797 or fill up the on-line request form for a free in-house consultation. One of our experienced and knowledgable renovation consultant will call you back for the most convenient time for you to visit.

Once the consultant is at your home, he will measure sizes and check existing surroundings of all windows and doors you are replacing while taking some photos for further discussion with installation supervisor and safety coordinator. After that, the consultant will sit down with you and go through options and designs of new products.

You can also arrange a meeting at our showroom to go through our products and options.

When all information is gathered, he will send out a quote by e-mail, fax or mail whichever you like in a few days. The quote will include prices of products and costs of installations.

Final Measurement2. Final Measurement & Scheduling

Once you are happy with the numbers, the consultant will make another visit for final measurement and for your signature on the contract.

When products are ready to be installed our Installation Coordinator will give you a call to set the installation date. Please note that the installation date may have to be rescheduled due to weather delays.

3. Installation Day

Before installers arrive:

To make installation process faster and prevent potential damages to your valuable items, please prepare work space before installers arrive.

  • Please remove all window coverings like blinds and curtains, so we will have access to your windows.
  • Please remove all plants and decorations from window sills and glass.
  • Please move furniture underneath the window or fragile items right next to it at least 3 feet of distance. Of course, our installers will lend their hands if you need help move a couch.
  • Please secure your pet(s) in a safe place. Installers may have to leave your door open while moving products and tools.
  • Please clear walkways like pet waste and snow.
  • Please remove deck furniture if necessary.
  • Dismantling and reinstallation of alarm system is homeowner's responsibility.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to have electric wires removed prior to work by Supreme Windows on opening alterations.
When Installers arrive:

At first they will perform a quick safety assessment around work area. Then they will cover your furniture and items to prevent dust from settling on them.

Remove old products:

Remove Old productOur installers will remove old products along with interior casing and exterior brickmould with minimal exposing time during winter time and disturbance to existing interior walls and exterior sidings. Minor stucco repair may be required afterward with customer's expenses. In that case, our consultant must indicate the possibility before hand.

Supreme Windows will take care of disposing and recycling old products as a part of installation process.

Preparing rough opening:

RO PrepInstallers will make sure the rough opening is free from debris and damages. If necessary, they will replace or repair frames.

If the window or door is an addition, installers will cut out the wall to create a new rough opening.

Install new products:

When rough opening is ready installers will put in a new product while ensuring it's square, level and plum by shimming around it. When the product is perfectly square, level and plum, installer secure the product using framing screws.

Insulate and Seal new product:

RO Prep Our installers apply HILTI® spray foam between jamb and rough opening to insulate and to secure the product.

Also, sealant will be applied around perimeter of exterior brickmould or nailing fin to any potential water leakage.

Finishing & Walk Through

RO PrepInterior casings will be installed after the product is fully installed.

After installation process is done, installers will vacuum and clean work areas and clean glass surfaces.

Finally the installer will walk through with customer to ensure the job is done as to the customer expected while checking off "Installation Check List". During the walk-through installers will show customer how to operate the new window or door.

Please note that the followings are homeowner's responsibilities.

  • Filling nailing holes before paining or staining.
  • Staining and painting casings and wood components.
  • Staining and painting door slabs.

4. Services

If you find any defects on our products or craftsmanship after installation you can call our service department at 403.279.2797 or fill up the on-line service request.