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Installation Knowledge, Experience
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Installation Service

Selecting the type of window or door for your home is only half the process toward true happiness with your decision. The other half of the equation is making sure you have a window installer who has extensive knowledge and experience.

“Particularly when dealing with high-performance windows, poor installation can wipe out any advantages you may gain from the new technologies”, says Dave McDonald, Manager of the Renovation Division for Supreme Windows. “Replacement windows and doors must be installed to very exacting standards, making sure they are plumb, level and square. The installer must also ensure there is good airflow resistance around the sides of the new window, by properly injecting insulating foam around the frame to seal it off.”

With an experienced and knowledgeable installation crew, most homes can be refitted with entirely new windows in a very short period of time - often within the same day. Disruption to the homeowner is kept to a minimum and, perhaps surprisingly, windows and doors can be installed 12 months of the year in Calgary.

Supreme Windows also ensures its installation crews treat customers’ homes as though they were their own, leaving the home and yard completely free of signs that the crew was ever there. Some customers even joke that their home is cleaner after the crew is completed than it was before they arrived.

Installation Methods

When considering window replacement in an older home, there are essentially two options as to how the new windows can be installed: retrofit or full-frame replacement.

Retrofit InstallRetrofit installation

Retrofit (box frame) installation involves replacing only the operating portion of the existing windows, while leaving the perimeter frame in place. Common examples of where retrofit installations would be suitable include: (1) homes that have inefficient aluminum-slider type operable windows, where the perimeter wood frame is in good condition, and (2) older homes (pre-1960) with wood storm-type windows where the architectural style of the home would be compromised by removing the entire frame.

Full-frame replacement

Full Frame replacementFull-frame replacement, as the term implies, involves the removal of the entire frame of the existing window, including the interior and exterior casing. This allows for the new windows to be installed square, plumb and level with shims and spacers at appropriate points to ensure durability and continuing high performance. It also ensures that good thermal and air flow resistance can be achieved, which reduces heat loss and prevents cold air from leaking in around the sides of the window frames. While greater care must be taken with this type of installation to ensure a proper fit and minimize potential damage on both the interior and exterior finish of the home, it should be the installation type of choice whenever possible.